What makes up the Webmail application?

Webmail is comprised of the following components: MailAddress BookFilesCalendarRSSAdmin, and Settings.

The Header

The header looks like this:


No matter what you are doing in Webmail, you will always be able to see the header. The header is where you can:

  • Access each of the Webmail components.
  • Access help via the Help link.
  • Log out of Webmail.

Work Area (list and details panes)

The main area of the Webmail application is referred to as the work area. It is usually displayed as a list pane and a details pane when you are browsing information (for example, viewing mail messages or contacts).

Split Pane
Split Pane
Single Pane
Full Pane

How does it all come together?

The Webmail application looks like this:

Webmail Applciation