What is the Settings component?


The Settings component allows you to configure general settings for each of the mailbox components (for example, display, and language preferences), mail settings (setup, autoresponders, signature, allow and block lists, and forwarding options), and spam settings.


User Interface Specify the language, time zone, date format, and browser options.
Mailbox View Determine how mail is displayed in the mailbox, for example, whether the preview pane is displayed, how requests for delivery confirmation are handled, the number of messages that are displayed on a page, and whether displayed messages opened by Webmail obey the settings of your browser. In addition, you can register this webmail app so that it is opened whenever you click an email link anywhere on the web.
Displaying Messages Determine how messages are displayed, for example, whether double-clicking a message in the email view will open it in a new window, whether the message is displayed in html or plain text, how attached images are handled, and whether the next message is displayed when you move or delete a message.
Composing Messages Set various defaults for composing and forwarding messages, such as the default font, whether the message requests a return receipt, whether a signature is automatically added to messages, as well as the options that you want to enable for checking spelling.
Address Book Configure the default settings for the Address Book, such as the sorting order and number of contacts displayed on a page.
Special Folders Choose which folders are used to store Drafts, Sent or deleted messages (Trash).
Server Settings Contains more advanced settings that control how messages are treated by the email server.
Other Accounts Allows you to add other accounts whose mail will be displayed in the Webmail mailbox.


Allows you to manage mailbox folders. You can select the folders that you want displayed and you can create or delete personal (not system) folders.


This section allows you to establish the:

  • Name that appears on out-going email messages
  • The Organization name that is displayed
  • Reply-To address
  • The signature that appears in all outgoing messages.


This section allows you to create and save text that you can use when replying to messages.


The section allows you to change the password for your account.


This section allows you to create a message that will be sent in reply to all incoming email messages during a specific interval, such as when you are on vacation.

Spam Settings

Allows you to create a spam tag that will be added to the Subject line of spam messages, specify the folder to which spam is sent, choose the intensity of the spam filtering, and create lists of allowed and blocked senders.

Mail Forwarding

When enabled, incoming messages will be forwarded to the recipients that you list in this section.


This section allows you to define how incoming mail is handled automatically.

Font Settings

This section allows you to set the font size for viewing Webmail.