What is the Mail component?

As the default view, the Mail component provides you with access to essential email functions. It includes the Mail folders list, message list, message details, and compose panes. The Mail folders section is highlighted in red.

Email Component

The Mail folders list appears as a column on the left side of the browser window, and it allows you to:

  • Select the folder whose messages you want to view (Inbox is the default view).
  • Empty system folders (Inbox, Drafts, Spam, Sent, and Trash) of unwanted mail.
  • Add, rename, empty, and delete personal folders.

You can select and drag the horizontal bar between the list and the details panes to adjust the height of the message list and message details panes. You can also select and drag the vertical bar between the folders pane and the message list and details panes.

The message list pane displays the contents of the selected folder in a list format. Within this list, you can:

  • Reply to messages.
  • Sort messages by Subject, From, Date, and Size .
  • Perform a mail search by entering criteria in the search mail field.
  • Select a message to view.
  • Move selected messages to other folders.
  • Flag messages as Spam.
  • Flag the message
  • Print the message.
  • Delete the message.
  • Manually mark messages as read or unread.

Selected messages appear in the message details pane directly below the message list pane.

Message Details

The message details pane displays the sender information and the contents of the message. It also provides you with the ability to:

  • Reply, Reply All, or Forward the message.
  • Add the sender to the Address Book
  • View message headers.

The message details pane provides the following options:

Button or Icon Function
                                          Adds the sender’s email to your Address Book.
                                           Opens the message in a new window. The message list pane disappears.
                                      Expands or contracts the message header section.

Compose Message

The compose pane replaces the message list/message details panes when you click Reply to senderReply to list or to sender and all recipientsForward the message, or Compose.

Message Compose

In the compose pane you can:

  • Enter recipient information in the ToCcBccReply-To, and Followup-To fields.
  • Describe the topic of the message in the Subject field.
  • Compose and format a free-text message in HTML or Plain text.
  • Attach files (documents, photos, video, etc.) to your message.
  • Save a draft of your message.
  • Save a copy of your message after it’s sent.
  • Request delivery confirmation
  • Send or cancel your message.