What is the Address Book component?

The Address Book is where you add, group, manage, and delete contact information. The Address Book supports drag-and-drop so you can easily move contacts to groups. You can also address messages to one or more contacts from within the Contacts pane. The Address Book component is made up of: Address Book groups, Contacts list, and Contact details.

Address Book

The Address Book consists of a list of groups that appears in a column on the left side of the browser. By default, you start with the single super-group called Contacts, which includes all of the contacts in the Address Book. When you create a new contact, it is always added to the Contacts group regardless of whether you create the contact within another group. The Address Book allows you to:

  • Select a group to populate the Contacts pane.
  • Add contacts and groups.
  • Edit group names and delete groups (except for the system default group Contacts).

The Contacts list is located beside the groups list. It displays the contacts in the selected group. It also provides you with the ability to:

  • Add contacts to a group.
  • Remove contacts from a group.
  • Delete contacts.
  • Import contacts from a vCard or CSV file.
  • Export contacts
  • Search contacts.

When you select a contact from the list, you can:

  • Send mail to the contact.
  • Add the contact to a group.
  • Remove the contact from a group.
  • Delete the contact.
  • Edit contact information.

Add Contact

Click  Create new contact card to enter contact information for an individual contact, including their name, nickname, company, title, telephone numbers, email addresses, website, personal information, and notes.