What are mail filters?

A filter is a set of conditions that you define in order to automatically handle incoming email. You can set filters to sort incoming email to various folders, delete undesirable messages, and forward messages to other email accounts.

Webmail can analyze the following fields in the message header: From, Subject, From, and To, as well as the message size, date, and the contents of the body.

The fields can be evaluated according to the following conditions: contains, doesn’t contain, is equal to, is not equal to, exists, doesn’t exist, matches expression, doesn’t match expression, matches regular expression, and doesn’t match regular expression.

You define the value of the condition. (See “How do I add/remove mail filters?” for step-by-step instructions.)

If the criteria you set for the filter evaluates to “true”, an action is triggered. For example, adding a filter where the From field contains JohnDoe@gmail.com, as illustrated below:

Add Mail Filter

This saves a filter called “JohnDoe” to your Filters list and sends and messages from John Doe to your Trash folder.