How do I set my display preferences?

To set display preferences

  1. Click Settings, then click Preferences and then click User Interface.
  2. From the Language drop-down list, choose the language for the application.
  3. From the Time zone drop-down list, choose your time zone. If you set it to Auto your computer’s time zone settings will be used.
  4. From the Time format drop-down list, choose the way in which you want time to be displayed.
  5. From the Date format drop-down list, choose the way in which you want dates to be displayed.
  6. With the Pretty dates option is checked, dates that are close to today will be translated into relative terms like “Today” and “Yesterday”.
  7. From the Refresh drop-down list, set the interval where you want the system to check for updates.
  8. Enable Handle popups as standard windows if you want to open messages and compose messages as a regular browser window.
  9. Click Register protocol handler for mailto: links if you want this Webmail app to be opened when ever you click an email link somewhere on the web.
  10. Click Save.