How do I add or remove mail filters?

To add/remove mail filters

  1. Click Settings, and then, in the Settings list, click Filters.
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Add New Filter
  1. At the bottom of the Filters list, click the plus sign.
  2. In the Filter name field, enter a name for your filter.
  3. Under For incoming mail, click a button to select whether you want the filter to act only when it encounters a message that matches all of the conditions that you define or when it encounters any of the conditions. You can also select all messages if you want the rule to be applied to all incoming messages.
  4. Specify the filter criteria:
    • From the first drop-down list, select the message area that you want to evaluate (FromSubjectTo, etc.).
    • In the next drop-down list, select a condition (containsdoes not contain, etc.).
    • In the text field, type in a value for the filter to evaluate incoming mail against.
  5. To set additional criteria for the filter, click the plus sign (+) to add additional rules.
  6. In the execute the following actions section, select the way in which you want the filter to handle messages that match the conditions you defined:
    • Move message to – Select the folder to which you want to move the filtered messages.
    • Redirect message to – Enter the email address to which you want to forward the message.
    • Discard with message – Delete messages received that meet the specified criteria and enter a response to be returned to the sender in the text box.
    • Delete message – Choose this option if you want to automatically delete messages that meet the specified criteria.
    • Keep message in Inbox – Select this option to keep filtered messages in your Inbox.
    • Stop evaluating rules – Select this option if you don’t want any other filters applied to the message.
  7. To add more criteria to the filter, click the plus sign (+) to add additional rules.
  8. Click Save.
Remove an existing filter Under the existing Filters List:

  1. Click the filter to select it.
  2. Click the   “More actions” icon and then choose Delete.

The filter is removed from the Filters list.

Disable a filter Under the existing Filters list:

  1. Click the filter to select it.
  2. Click the  “More actions” gear icon and then choose Enable/Disable.
    Optionally, in the Filter definition pane, click to put a check in the Filter disabled box and click Save.

The filter is greyed out in the Filters list and will not execute, but can be re-enabled at a later date.

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