How do I add a new category in RSS?

Categories allow you to group feeds and make it easier to locate the ones you want to view.
Note: When you create a new category, it is not displayed in the list pane until at least one feed has been added to it.

To create a new category

  1. From the Actions drop-down list, choose Preferences.
  2. On the Feeds tab, from the Categories drop-down list, choose Add category.
  3. Enter the name of the category you want to create in the Category title field, and then click OK.
  4. Optionally, move one or more existing feeds into this new category. You can either click and drag a feed into the category folder, or you can click the feed to display its properties, choose the category from the Place in category drop-down list, and then click Save.
  5. Click Exit preferences to return to the feeds list.